The older version of has too many outdated infos to let it published. We've decided to remove this website and design a new one. Our new website is coming soon but our clients are our first priority in our planning...

Myconcept is a company specialized in ICT Services with a expert level in Internet services (web, databases, live streaming, vod, etc.) and small business services.

Our services

My Hosting Agency [top]

Hosting & Private Cloud Services (for businesses and individuals)

  • Website hosting
  • Domain Names
  • DNS Management
  • Mutualized Hosting plans
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Email hosting
  • DNS hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Collocation (per U, per half rack and per full rack)

Extended Services  (for businesses only)

  • Networks
    • Virtual Private Network and Leased Lines(VPN)
    • Ethernet Private Line
    • Ethernet Private Cloud
    • Virtual Private Network
  • Datacentre Services 
    • Onsite management at Level3 Brussels, Interxion Brussels, DCUnited Brussels and DCUnited Antwerp
    • IP Transit 
    • InterDC Wave
  • Virtual Devices
    • Virtual Private Workstation (with internet or without internet) (VPW)
    • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
    • Virtual Private Storage (Personal Cloud Storage)
  • Remote Backup Solutions
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Security Solutions - server configuration, firewall setup, etc. 

My Web Agency [top]

WebAgency - Websites & Internet Media design
(WebDesign, WebDevelopment, Website Leasing, Adobe Media Server Applications)

  • Site Web
    • conception/design
    • Creation/Integration/Development
    • Free advising services (what's a website, tips to reduce costs, explanations of what is a website and what are the satellites items that you should be considered in addition of the website itself)
    • One shot payment or 0% payment facilities
    • Website Leasing solutions
  • Multimedia Solutions
    • Actionscript developments
    • Actionscript Server Side developments (adobe media server and flash media server)
    • Live video streaming services
    • OnDemand video streaming services
  • websites leasing solutions
  • websites audit for refactoring
  • websites audit for performance optimization (speed, disk space, etc.)
  • website audit for call offers (SEO or refactoring audit) 
  • RIA / Webtops, webservices, API (soap, rest, wddx, xml, etc...) developments (developed in PHP)

My Telecommunication Agency [top]

Short Message and Phone services
(VoIP/SIP Trunk, Premium lines, IVR Development)

  • SIP Services - Dedicated Trunk (BE)
  • SMS Push - Mass SMS Sends over Internet
  • SMS applications developments
  • IVR applications developments (asterisk)
  • Special Phone Numbers
    • in Belgium (0800,090x,...)
    • in Switzerland (090x)
    • in Luxembourg (90x)
  • SMS Premium Short Numbers (Belgium)
  • Virtual inCall and outcall international & national phone lines (Virtual Phones / SIP Services)

Internet Access 

  • CableLink (sdsl vdsl) (Belgium)
  • FiberLink (Belgium)
  • InterDC wave (Belgium)
  • IPTransit (Benelux datacentres) 

My eCommerce Agency [top]

Instant Payment Solutions
(micro payment : pay per Premium lines, SMS Premium, CreditCards)

  • Credit cards
  • eWallet
  • Direct Banking
  • Premium SMS Short Numbers
  • Premium SMS API
  • Premium Phone Numbers (Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg)
  • Premium IVR apps (call redirections, call centres, etc.)
  • webshops / e-shops

My eMarketing Agency [top]

SEO, e-marketing and social networking
(audit and improvements for Search Engine, Adwords Campaigns)

  • SEO Website Audit
  • Social Networks Pages Audit
  • Social Pages creation (facebook, google+, Microsoft, Linkedin, Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, youtube)
  • Sponsoring campaigns management (Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing, Exoclick, etc)
  • Micro Sponsoring campaigns management
  • Internet Directories Registrations
  • Articles writing to promote your products
  • Mass Mailing
  • Mass SMS

My IT Experts Agency [top]

  • ICT Project Management(All linked internet and small business projets)
  • ICT Consulting (HA Management, cost reduction, automation)
  • Data Security (SSL Certificates, backup solutions, data encryption, VPN, firewall, security audit)
  • Audit High Availability Internet Services & Backup Solutions
  • Audit Small Business Best Practices
  • WebSites/PHP code benchmarking & Best Practices
  • Crisis Room / Crisis Center with failover solutions
  • Network Operations Center
  • Advanced Network Management
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